Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ben 10 motocross

Ben 10 motocross under sea, motobike slog because water block it. Game graphic is very nice, like real sea, fishes and sea livers everywhere game music is very good too. Use the arrow keys to ride and balance. This game one difference from other race games is pass under sea.
Ben 10 rampage game is very fantastic fight game. Ben 10 war to black monsters in this game, black monsters are very strong and they want to kill ben 10. Ben 10 want reach volcano eye and recover gwen because vilgax miss gwen and take she from volcano eye. Carreful volcano active now and it throw fire stones, don't touck them. Use z to kick and punch, arrow keys to move. Gaps and barriers in the game, do not fall down jump on these and go on your way.

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